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Ramsesboomboom Release Eclectic Debut EP, ‘Sam’

Out Now via Reflektor Records

Wannes Salomé and Erik Buschmann are the masterminds behind the newly-minted electronic music act Ramsesboomboom. A prevalent force in the realms of Dutch indie rock, the pair have enjoyed many successful years alongside Koen van de Wardt with their group Klangstof; the first Dutch band to perform at Coachella. Now, entering the electronic music scape, Ramsesboomboom deliver their inaugural EP, ‘Sam’, returning to the mighty Reflektor Records for the first time since Klangstof’s collaboration with Amy Root on ‘Alike’. 

Releasing the first single from the five-track offering in October 2023, the EP’s opener ‘Uppaclass’ is a fine example of the pair’s fresh sonic direction. An unequivocally cool number that defies the notion of genres, the cut opts for industrial percussive timbres and gritty vocal hits alongside organic and world-music elements. 

Next to play is the December-released ‘Without U’, which indulges the listener in a heady web of acid and rave-ready synth-work. The track presents yet another facet to the duo’s eclectic sound palette, and one that nods to the golden eras of acid house and techno. By contrast, its B-side ‘Huskytime’ pivots stylistically from its predecessor, championing a trippy leftfield spirit that feels both warmly nostalgic and stirringly futuristic; authentic sensibilities that are essential to the Ramsesboomboom persona. 

Completing the extended-player are the never-before-heard offerings ‘Fixmybody’ and ‘Poly’. The former is characterised by a face-melting bass synth that gives the track a warbling texture; cleverly offset against intricate detailing and sultry vocal moments. ‘Poly’, on the other hand, elicits a more danceable groove, laden with twinkling synth-work and potent ambiences. 

Masters of their craft, Ramsesboomboom is leading the charge for a new sonic experience in 2024; one that’s founded on impeccable production technique and an infinite thirst for progression. Their stunning debut EP ‘Sam’ is an odyssey into electronic music’s vast depths, evoking the full spectrum of emotions and movements through its avant-garde sentiments. One of the most musically eccentric acts to emerge in the current contemporary space, the pair’s experience within the world of indie rock brings new perspective to dance music, forging a sound that’s unapologetically Ramsesboomboom. 

Ramsboomboom – Sam EP is out now via Reflektor Records:

About Ramsesboomboom

Ramsesboomboom is a fusion of the universes of Erik Buschmann and Wannes Salomé, both members of the Amsterdam-based band Klangstof. The music naturally emerged from free-form writing sessions where sounds and rhythms flowed from workstation to workstation, creating rich electronic and organic textures. What actually moulded this raw and pure collection of sounds into songs, no-one will ever know.

About Reflector Records: 


REFLEKTOR RECORDS is Berlin’s most credible music label…based in Amsterdam. 

Combining the decades-long legacy of forward-thinking Dutch electronic music with fresh new influences from all over the world, Reflektor Records’ mission is to release music that is not confined to genres and subcultures.  


Founders Joris van Welsen and Floor Schiphorst have been mates since high-school and both ended up in very different corners of the music industry. Joris started Radar Agency and is involved in the careers of acts like Weval, Klangstof and Colin Benders. Floor on the other hand ended up as a film producer and is, amongst a lot of things, responsible for the production of the worldwide after-movie content of Ultra Music Festival.  


Their combined knowledge and expertise led to the birth of REFLEKTOR RECORDS. Which actually isn’t all that German after all, but don’t tell anyone… 


  1. Ramsesboomboom – Uppaclass (Original Mix)

  2. Ramsesboomboom – Without U (Original Mix)

  3. Ramsesboomboom – Fixmybody (Original Mix)

  4. Ramsesboomboom – Poly (Original Mix)

  5. Ramsesboomboom – Huskytime (Original Mix)


Reflektor Records:


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