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REVIEW: Dj Seinfeld - 'U Already Know' [Ninja Tune]

If much of DJ Seinfeld’s previous work was characterised by a sepia-tinged haze, a result of the producer’s deliberately lo-fi production techniques, then brand new album ‘Mirrors’ sees his music come firmly into focus. Simultaneously optimistic and melancholic in tone, the album is preceded by new single ‘U Already Know’, an italo-tinged summer anthem featuring an acapella from guest-vocalist Teira, whom Seinfeld met while DJing at a warehouse party in LA.

“That track is very much in the vein of music I’ve released on Young Ethics recently,” says Armand Jakobsson, better known as DJ Seinfeld. “There’s a touch of Italo and it’s got a real funk feel to it. I was happy with it as an instrumental but I added the vocal and it just fitted perfectly and brought the track to life.”

“On this album I wanted to retain a lot of the raw emotionality that brought people to my music in the first place,” says Armand. “But I also wanted to become a much better producer. It’s been an arduous process but it’s a real statement of where I’m at as a producer and person right now”.


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