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REVIEW: Santé & Re.You Drop Second Album Single 'Cave' ft. Jim Hickey

All in all, it's been quite a productive couple of months for Santé & Re.You and their young and burgeoning label, LSF21 +. Having inaugurated the label in October with the riveting two-part Road to Nowhere EP, the generous German brothers were quick to follow up with LSF002, enlisting Ae: ther, Musumeci and Avidus to provide three riveting versions of the already flawless original.

Now, as Santé & Re. Looking to continue their prolific 2021 streak and end the year emphatically, the two-man fraternal team announce their third collaborative production on the label to date, featuring the exquisite new single Cave (featuring Jim Hickey). .

You’s latest studio offering marks the second original single to be taken from his upcoming studio album (due out early next year), as in-house producers deliver another vibrant masterclass in cutting-edge and dynamic house music.

Santé & Re creates unique landscapes, where electronic music is transformed into a pure cinematic environment. A music full of multiple axes and edges, resulting in a work that, above all, is defined by his great personality. Compositions that will make you travel and will fill you with breaths of fresh air.

We do not know where to record his latest work, since he is able to navigate between various genres with ease and mastery. We could say that his retro-futuristic electronic court is the most honest and eclectic to date. This latest work, so narrative and cinematographic, invites us to enjoy it both at home and on the dance floor.

At such a complex and chaotic time, in the midst of a pandemic, this work becomes as wonderful a place as it is necessary.

Santé & Re.You - Cave (feat. Jim Hickey)


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