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REVIEW: TURKEY - Fundraising Compilation

TURKEY presents Fundraising Compilation. The goal of the new company is to expand and challenge expectations with a wide range of artists, highlighting new and emerging talent.

They are committed to a typology of music producers, which if something characterizes them is their irregularity, focused on their search for multiple unstable paths and who, weathering the storm, reaping successes and incorporating everything that experience offers them, emerge like out of the blue with proposals as unique and surprising as that of his own personal career. They work attentively to detect when it is time to enter the studio with the artists to turn everything upside down...

Following the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, some of the top house music producers are showing their solidarity with this 21-track V/A fundraising compilation.

The production level of these guys is intense but, on the other hand, the attention to the sounds they release is at the level of someone who does things because they want to and with the time they really need. They are, then, productions that when you get close to them the halo they give off catches you: rare, singular and, here comes the best, powerful, magnetic and danceable. Beats that mark but without overwhelming us, an oldschool (authentic) touch, somewhat eccentric synthesizers and a rather cheerful and festive general tone, are some of the adjectives that we can pull off our sleeves if we want to qualify this innovative proposal.

The compilation will be released to support and raise money to help those who recently lost their families and homes in this terrible tragedy.

100% of the proceeds from the launch will be donated directly to AHBAP, a trusted and independent NGO currently working hard in the affected regions:

The result of this V/A is very personal, and manages to unleash a feeling that is sometimes disconcerting, familiar and welcoming at the same time, which marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another, for a label that has never stopped. . . Surprise us, give us premium positive vibes and bet on artists capable of questioning the established like few others. A delight only suitable for music lovers.


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