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REVIEW: Wallners - Dracula

Wallners, a band from Vienna made up of the brothers Nino, Laurenz, Anna and Max, have been producing excellent dreamy and melancholic pop for a couple of years. Their debut EP, “Prolog I”, released in February 2021, delights them as one of the most desirable bands of the year.

Wallner's new single "Dracula", which we have the pleasure of present his video, reminds us of darker days when the only distractions were to fully immerse ourselves in them. But "Dracula" goes beyond defining a gloomy mood, it focuses on itself and explores the paths that emerge from it. The video was directed by award-winning Austrian director Rupert Höller. "Dracula" has a soft urgency that anchors him completely within the realm of dreams and surrealism.


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