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REVIEWS: IVANO BARBANERA, the voice behind Luca Draccar

IVANO BARBANERA returns, his work dedicates all his creative resources to making his career as a singer a more complex, subtle and profound musical proposal, which covers all possible limits. IVANO, the voice behind Luca Draccar now presents him self to the big audience.

Since he followed his instinct and began to sing what he really felt he had to do, that is: rock, electronic music, jazz, blues, with proposals as interesting as they are unique, he has questioned the hackneyed cliché that nothing happens. His soft voice that flows with the rhythm and the synthesizers providing balance and calm, resulting in versatile electronic music that will make you evoke all possible futures.

This EP demonstrates Ivano's particular way of understanding sound, located at the antipodes of the commercial, of the generic, of what works: what he does is, on the contrary, a kind of unstable magma of pulsations and radiances, of melodic sketches and blurred textures, pursuing a calm, spiritual, almost ascetic expression. All those languages ​​and influences from which he was nurtured dialogue on this album, creating new, different and highly evolved sound organisms.

photo: Alessio Franchi


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