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Richard Seeley - The Seeza Project No 2.

Richard Seeley, the head of Glue Music, is following up "The Seeza Project No. 1" with "Project No. 2". In a recent interview with Music is 4 Lovers, Seeley shared that each project would showcase a distinct style. While he typically delivers low-slung minimal house and techno, this time he offers a robust big-sounding melodic House & Techno EP.

From the outset, the energy of the three tracks is undeniably potent. They feature cleverly layered frequencies, providing ample space for each element.

This is complemented by analogue melodies, a departure from Seeley's usual style and a delightful surprise for listeners. All three tracks are incredibly impacting, melodic and hard hitting.

The only advice is to turn up - You'll be hard pushed not to smile.

In the past, Glue Music has collaborated with esteemed producers such as Bruno Pronsato, Pheek, Peace Division's Justin Drake, Andreas Georgiades, Public Lover, Sierra Sam, and fabric resident Terry Francis.


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