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Rodriguez Jr. Releases Fourth Studio Album Feathers & Bones

Following the release of his album singles Amplify, Lithium, Turn The Light On, Feathers & Bones and Visions, Rodriguez Jr. completes his fourth full-length studio album – Feathers & Bones – out now on his new imprint of the same name.

The ten-track opus voyages across vast and undulating sonic pathways, encapsulating sounds and influences that have played a role in his illustrious career thus far, as well as experimenting in new directions. His collaborative singles with Italian artist Giorgia Angiuli (Tuning The Moon), Cuban-American singer-songwriter Liset Alea (Amplify & Visions) and legendary UK production outfit Stereo MC’s (Turn The Light On) made an instant impact upon release, sending ripples across the dance music sphere with their unique flair and authenticity. Revealing the final pieces of the impressive collection, Rodriguez Jr. introduces his hypnotic cut, Synthwave, which keeps the listener hooked across an intricately crafted arrangement. Building upon rhythmic percussion, the aptly titled production submerges the listener under fluctuating synths in his immersive masterpiece. Revealing Tape #1, Orlando and Tape #2, these instrumental creations allow further insight into the depths of his musical psyche. Out now on all streaming platforms, Feathers & Bones is also available in Dolby Atmos, on Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon HD, Blu-ray and on Vinyl.

Speaking about Feathers & Bones, Rodriguez Jr. mentioned,

Feathers & Bones is, before anything, a pivot towards a new chapter of my life. Recorded over a span of two years, the album was conceptualized in Paris and finished in Miami, where I now live. It inaugurates my own label, with which I aim to explore a wide spectrum of genres, build bridges between mainstream and niche audiences, and eventually make it available for like-minded artists seeking the same freedom to fly.”

Announcing his extensive album tour, Rodriguez Jr. invites audiences to enter the realm of Feathers & Bones with shows across the globe over the course of 2023. For the full list of tour dates, head over to BandsInTown.

While some follow trends, others set them. Rodriguez Jr. – also known as Olivier Mateu – has spent over twenty years in the industry; with his vast experience of all genres of electronic music positioning him as the visionary of melodic house and techno that he is today. With early mentorship from the legendary Laurent Garnier, Rodriguez Jr. gradually honed his style into the dynamic, colourful sound of beauty that can be regularly found on Mobilee, Anjunadeep, Armada, and demanded on remixes for Stephan Bodzin, Monolink, Booka Shade, Eli & Fur, Jan Blomqvist, Röyksopp, NTO, Tricky, Timo Maas, and many more. Dedicated to infusing every ounce of his creativity into his productions and performances, Rodriguez Jr. is undoubtedly one of the scene’s most captivating artists.


Feathers & Bones Tracklist

1. Feathers & Bones

2. Visions feat. Liset Alea

3. Turn The Light On Feat. Stereo MC’s

4. Synthwave

5. Tape #1

6. Amplify Feat. Liset Alea

7. Tuning The Moon Feat. Giorgia Angiuli

8. Lithium

9. Orlando

10. Tape #2

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