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Sander Wilder presents ‘Global Feelings’ – October

Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ continues to make its mark on the Electronic Music scene, hitting back with striking episodes every month as Sander Wilder keeps elevating the energy with each new release. As October’s episode appeared just as exciting as September, Sander Wilder once again delivered his powerful signature sound to the airwaves, mixing tracks from the likes of Horisone, Terry Golden, and Stan Kolev, to curate a stimulating and electrifying sonic experience sure to have left listeners eagerly anticipating November’s instalment of ‘Global Feelings.’

The October episode of ‘Global Feelings’ was certainly impressive as Sander Wilder presented a unique blend of tracks, injecting the mix with a hard-hitting energy; pulsing in punchy vibes and mighty in the carefully constructed soundscape, last month’s instalment of ‘Global Feelings’ stands out from both Sander Wilder’s previous episodes and against the dense landscape of Electronic Music. The line-up of tracks was both varied and colourful, showcasing the vibrancy of the genre as Sander Wilder dived deep to emerge with fresh productions, raising the bar as he offered his own perspective on Electronic Music to listeners. Featured within the episode, Sander Wilder introduced listeners to his latest release via OHM Music titled ‘Into The Abyss’; as he highlighted his powerful production style, immersing followers of ‘Global Feelings’ in the driving and punchy details of the track, Sander Wilder reminded listeners of his talents when it comes to music production.

Memorable in the sonic personality it offers, ‘Global Feelings’ continues to garner attention as it steadily builds momentum. The striking sound and seamlessly blended mixes that Sander Wilder displays with every episode serve as proof of the high-quality talent of this Producer and DJ. No doubt a unique addition to the landscape of Electronic Music, ‘Global Feelings’ appears as a powerful force on the scene, one distinct in its display of sonic vibrancy and diverse in its presentation of dynamic productions. With a passionate determination to continue carving out an original and individual path within Electronic Music, Sander Wilder is sure to keep bringing his captivating energy to ‘Global Feelings’, gaining a following from genre lovers across the world. So, make sure to tune into next month’s episode of ‘Global Feelings.’

Listen to ‘Global Feelings’ here:

Sander Wilder Online


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