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She Knows presents Nervous Bliss [Bar 25 Music]

The long-awaited debut album "Nervous Bliss" by live electronic project She Knows is ready to be released on May 17, 2024 under the prestigious Berlin label Bar 25 Music. Consisting of eight captivating and melodic songs, this album offers a unique sensory experience. Four of these tracks are in Spanish and the remaining four in English, reflecting the diversity and cultural richness that characterize the project.

Singer Teresa Tomás leads this emotional journey, exploring the multiple facets of a universally sought-after feeling: nervous bliss. With her unmistakably smoky voice, Tomás weaves a sonic tapestry that invites the listener to delve into the depths of her own emotions. From the exciting pounding in the stomach to the intoxication of the mind, each song reveals a new layer of this complex emotional state.

"Nervous Bliss" transcends the boundaries of convention by offering a listening experience that goes beyond mere entertainment. Through a combination of soulful lyrics and enveloping melodies, the album takes us on an introspective journey where we explore love, joy, gratitude, wonder, clarity, purpose and transcendence. It is a symphony of feelings that reminds us of the complexity and beauty of the human experience.

The support of the "Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH" with funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media demonstrates the recognition and support of She Knows' innovative talent. Furthermore, the album was carefully produced and mixed by Marcel Dadalto, who manages to capture the very essence of the music and the creative collaboration between Teresa and Marcel.

She Knows is distinguished by its collaborative and spontaneous approach to music production, constantly blurring the boundaries between electronic subgenres. From the ambient interludes to the slightly twisted and wacky synth lines, each studio session is a testament to the symbiotic creative relationship between Teresa and Marcel. In short, "Nervous Bliss" is not just an album, but a transformative experience that immerses you in a state of emotional ecstasy.


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