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Silence Path - Sittin’ Here In Silence incl. Luca Bacchetti, Emotional Tourist & Bodai Remixes

Actualizado: 25 may 2023

The mystical sounds of Silence Path returns to Loot Recordings with two new originals and a package of remixes from Luca Bacchetti, Emotional Tourist and Bodai. The title track “Sittin’ Here In Silence” is a beatless journey of syncopated analog synths, intricate melodies and deep atmospheric overtones. Let’s close our eyes and float away.

The Luca Bacchetti “Caribbean Remix” is an organic percussive affair that radiates with captivating piano chords and swelling synths that are full of emotion. It’s melancholic feel is perfectly balanced with an uplifting and playful sound that takes us on a breathtaking expedition through a spectrum of emotions. Romania’s Emotional Tourist delivers a distinctive remix that’s a mixture of lush atmospheres and cosmic energy accompanied with a new vocal arrangement and electric guitar melodies. This one is all about the breakdown that plunges us into the depths of the unknown and back to the surface, leaving us to wonder what’s to come.

“Light Pillars” is a hypnotic affair powered by a sleek bass line, resonant pads and waves of enchanting synths and dreamlike textures. The Bodai remix increases the energy with a prominent synth driven groove, enigmatic vocals and a deep rhythm that showcases her musical finesse and imaginative range.

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do. Bring on the summer!


1) Sittin' Here In Silence (Intro)

2) Sittin' Here In Silence (Luca Bacchetti Carribean Remix)

3) Sittin' Here In Silence (Emotional Tourist Reinterpretation)

4) Light Pillars

5) Light Pillars (Bodai Remix)


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