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SimbaSōl presents Saṃsāra

Actualizado: 8 dic 2022

SimbaSōl proposes an emotional ballad conceived to land on whatever journey the listener is on and set the table for what is to come.

In Buddhism, Saṃsāra is often defined as the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In literal terms, the Sanskrit word saṃsāra means "to flow" or "to pass". My current focus is on the micro level of deaths and rebirths that occur within the artist every hour of every day.

The entire album manages to provide introspection, absorbing energy and twilight light, and that closes a record that knows how to turn musical pulp into a refreshing ambrosia juice. The more the record is listened to, the more difficult it is to locate it in a specific geographic location. His music seems to never solidify, to be a flow of sounds and impressions that never seem to remain fixed in place or memory, like a perfume or a quick vision of a body in motion, until it postulates itself as one of the true values of the future. . of docile and brilliant electronica.

The result is a serious work, carefully cared for, that lends itself to starting and not returning to reality until it is finished: the headphones are like the oxygen canister that allow us to dive to the bottom of this great sound rotation, in this way cosmic orbit, and be there in a state of hypnotic fascination.

In this world where speed is desperately sought and attention deficit is so high, a record like this will be misunderstood by many people, even dismissed as really important. But you just have to have the patience and the will to stop, to breathe, to sink into it, to hold on there for as long as you can, and admire its interior.


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