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Slow Assembly releases In A Different Time

Slow Assembly releases In A Different Time

In the heart of October, Slow Assembly breaks through the fall chill with the release of "In A Different Time," under the banner of Circuit Grooves. This release marks the continuance of Jan Warner's foray into the deeper, more experimental vistas of electronic music. The A-side, donning the same name as the album, is a nostalgic odyssey into the '90s electronica realms. It bursts with a Balearic spirit, melding relaxed acid basslines with whimsical arpeggiated melodies, evoking a sun-soaked euphoria.

Turning the record, we stumble upon "High Voltage," the B-side that swaps the contemplative for the kinetic. This track is a bold divergence, embracing an improvisational jazz essence that is both intricate and dance-floor friendly. It's a sophisticated rebel with a touch of big beat zest, making a classy statement. Slow Assembly, Jan Warner's alter ego, has once again crafted a record that is both a nod to the past and a stride into new sonic territories.


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