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Strange Pill presents 'Mamma Doom' (slEdger Remix)

Existential psychedelia, blues rock and an otherworldly sonic landscape textured with electronic sound design by Dave Campbell (62nd Cell). Strange Pill are Zahara Muñoz-Vicens & Ben Hardy, musicians, producers and video artists. Zahara’s vocals have been compared to “a lineage of sensual ‘alt-torch’ singers” Nancy Sinatra, Julie London, PJ Harvey & Martina Topley-Bird, here sounding in the vein of Karen O, with Ben’s leading guitars taking you on a train journey through Slim Harpo-Johnny Kidd-Velvet Underground stops over sunbleached borderlands. Sound designer Dave Campbell creates an otherworldly modern and unique sonic landscape with soft, ethereal, eerie vocals that pierce through a relentless groove.

‘Mamma Doom’ comes out together with an interactive video art piece that allows people to listen to all the musicians individually, a multi-sensorial experience of music as collage -with 'Mamma Doom' Strange Pill introduce for the first time a glimpse of their music/art/technology project online. More songs and an album are to be released in the following months with their corresponding interactive video art experience.

Strange Pill are musicians, producers, creative designers and audiovisual artists Zahara Muñoz-Vicens and Ben Hardy. They direct the creation of interactive apps and participative installations around the idea of "music as collage" and explore the further layers of meaning of the visual narratives of music. They merge music, collage, holograms, interactivity, psychedelia & video art, working with hundreds of artists from all genres and cultures, from street artists to organisations such as the New York Philharmonic. They have exhibited at places like Barbican Centre, Roundhouse, Cairo Palace of Arts and Athens Digital Arts Festival & given talks at UCL and Middlesex University, CultureTech & MusicTechFest, Google Campus in London and at Kinetica Museum's 10th anniversary amongst others.

The promo of Mamma Doom also contains a remix from prog house dj/producer slEdger who’s music has been championed by people like Mary Anne Hobbs, Annie Nightingale and John Digweed..

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