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Bass virtuoso, Stratus, makes a resounding return to Subcarbon Records with his latest bass-permeating EP, 'Gob Slab'. The remarkable collection proudly marks his fourth EP under the esteemed Ganja White Night's imprint, seamlessly following the immense success of his bass-drenched 'Degenerate Era' EP, which captivated listeners last year. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to expanding his blossoming discography, the 'Gob Slab' EP offers four enthralling sonic productions, inviting listeners on a thrilling and energetically bass-laden journey. Serving as an eagerly anticipated addition to the world of bass music, the “Gob Slab” EP is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Subcarbon Records.

Embarking on a captivating odyssey right from its opening notes, "Gob Slab" mesmerizes with a resounding bassline and entrancing atmospheric interplay. As the beats reach a crescendo, listeners find themselves wholly immersed in a limitless sonic panorama, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey ahead. The impeccable fusion of intricate melodies, warbly elements, and striking synth work unleashes a symphony of overwhelming sensations, deftly curated to leave listeners at the edge of anticipation. Continuing the EP’s high-octane energy, “Don’t Do It” enthralls enchanting vocals lure the audience into an immersive experience, while a dark and warbly soundscape casts an enigmatic aura. The track emanates an undeniable vibrancy and unyielding dynamism, leaving listeners entranced on an immersive odyssey through sound. A true testament to Stratus’s exceptional musical prowess, the track bestows an exhilarating and indelible essence upon the EP's multifaceted repertoire.

"This is my favorite batch of music I've ever produced. They've been proven weapons at shows all year and I'm so excited to finally get them in everyone's hands!"

- Stratus

Keep Walking” follows; a compelling offering that effortlessly carries listeners into a captivating realm of mesmerizing warbles and buoyant melodies from its opening beat. Infused with unyielding energy, the track possesses an infectious bounce that irresistibly compels listeners to move in sync with its rhythmic allure.Through a masterful fusion of warped elements and entrancing beats, an enthralling auditory experience is crafted, ensuring the listener’s continuous fascination throughout the musical journey. Rounding out the EP, Stratus unveils "BomBreaka," an exhilarating track that beckons listeners to the dancefloor. With an addictive percussive pattern and a seamless buildup, it leads into an enthralling, syncopated beat, irresistibly inspiring rhythmic movement. The track's uplifting elements and captivating sounds make it a perfect and fitting conclusion to the EP, leaving music enthusiasts in awe of Stratus's masterful artistry. With the 'Gob Slab' EP, Stratus further expands his bass rendering discography. The latest from the shining talent follows in the footsteps of his hard-hitting June-released single "Multiplexing" and his exhilarating February-released track "Warmode." Seamlessly complementing his prior releases, 'Gob Slab' ventures into uncharted territory, introducing an array of fresh musical elements that invigorate Stratus's signature sound with a newfound sense of versatility. With its captivating rhythmic style and unwavering bass prowess, the EP serves as an electrifying addition to Stratus's illustrious repertoire under Subcarbon Records, serving as his fourth EP within the esteemed collaboration. Unleashing his extraordinary musical artistry, Stratus continues to delight audiences with his buoyant and masterful productions, firmly establishing himself as a preeminent force in the realm of bass music.

ABOUT STRATUS -- Patrick Stratton, aka Stratus, is a veteran in North American bass music. Storming onto the scene in 2012 with a single on the first OWSLA compilation and a multi-release deal with Ultra Records, he began performing all over the continent playing shows in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Since then, he has played iconic festivals such as Lollapalooza, EDCLas Vegas, Spring Awakening, Summer Camp, and Global Dance Festival, receiving endless support from his peers and icons in dance music. In addition to OWSLA and Ultra, he has releases on Subsidia, Circus, Smog, Welcome, and PlayMe, all culminating in his fourth EP on Ganja White Night’s label SubCarbon Records. Carving out a unique style of his own, Stratus has developed a sonic brand that is instantly recognizable as a composite of both the roots and future of dance music. From seeing the UK originators in dark basement clubs in 2009 and witnessing the rise of the new generations today, he has cemented himself as a true torchbearer of the scene.


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