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T.Nguyen releases "The Unknowable"

T. Nguyen's "Unknowable EP" on Outofprint Records is a showcase of the artist's genre-bending talent. Drawing influence from iconic names like Oliver Heldens, DJ Zinc, Bingo Beats, and Strictly Rhythm, T. Nguyen's latest release incorporates deep basslines, shuffling garage beats, and samples of 2000s UK garage vibes.

Featuring three original tracks, "Fourth State," "Take Me Up," and "Maya," along with their corresponding radio edits. From the driving basslines to the kick drum patterns inspired by the UK Funky scene, T. Nguyen masterfully blends various elements to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

According to the artist, "Unknowable" takes listeners on a journey to the non-physical realm, with each track offering its own distinct sonic experience. The EP is set to drop on March 10th, and is sure to be a hit with fans of electronic music who are on the hunt for something fresh and exciting.

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