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Tastemaker favourite Sonnee releases full ‘Chalk’ EP, inc. focus track ‘Love Now, Again’

Out Now on Attack Decay Sweet Release - Get it HERE

Support from: Mixmag, Amazon Music Signals (cover), Future Sounds, Jack Saunders ‘Next Wave’, Arielle Free, Jaguar’s ‘Dancefloor Moment’, Sian Eleri, Jamz Supernova, BBC Intro Track of the week, Spotify The Loft (cover), Jenny Greene ‘Greenroom Guest Mix’, Greg James, Adele Peters, Matt & Mollie, Charlie Hedges, Sirius XM, Insomniac Radio, KCRW, Kiss FM…

With his 10mil+ streamed POLIÇA collab and numerous accolades like BBC Future Sounds ‘Next Wave’, BBC Intro ‘Track of the Week’, and Jaguar’s Dancefloor Moment under his belt, Manchester’s Sonnee drops his eagerly awaited full EP ‘Chalk’, featuring new focus track ‘Love Now, Again’ and new closing piano piece ‘With Hope’, out now. 

Recently DJing alongside the likes of Model Man and for a sell-out crowd with ATRIP, and remixing ‘Everything’ for Edapollo x Mild Minds (Ninjatune) and Sultan & Shepard (This Never Happened), the London-based producer’s signature mix of upbeat vibes, heartfelt lyricism and trademark use of foley/vocal FX has support across mainstream/specialist tastemakers.

‘Love Now, Again’: uplifting and danceable, as leaping beats with breaksy layers, contented piano chords and tinkling melodies support a sweetly high female vocal. Ebbs and flows like a high energy message of love and Spring from a distant benevolent galaxy. ‘The most optimistic and heartfelt track I’ve written. I went through 5/6 different versions, it was an idea I couldn’t let go of. I found the lyrics so pure and light I wanted to hold onto them until I found the right world for them to live in.’ 

‘Chalk’ EP: ‘Love Now, Again’ joins three ‘Chalk’ singles inc. ‘Fever’ (BBC Sounds Next Wave), plus new track ‘With Hope’. With this more club-ready EP Sonnee still tackles raw emotions and intense relationships with heartfelt honesty - the melancholic and hopeful, the thoughtful and the danceable. ‘With lyrical themes exploring the extremities of closeness and feelings, this is my most personal and emotionally driven collection of songs yet.’ 

‘After my last EP I thought about what makes my sound ‘me’. I felt like the almost collage-like way of writing defined my sound. Like throwing paint at a canvas or how a kid uses chalk, smudging and combining different colours to make a new one. It’s that feeling of having no idea what you’ll make, or trying to make a sound you’ve never heard before that’s really beautiful for me.’ And for us too.

‘Chalk’ EP featuring ‘Love Now, Again’ is out now on Attack Decay Sweet Release. Get it here:

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