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TERRY GOLDEN presents ‘THE ART OF RAVE – October’

Terry Golden’s ‘Art Of Rave’ radio show has been drawing attention with its presentation of hard-hitting sounds and powerful productions; as it works to shine a light on Terry Golden’s impressive mixing abilities, the show has been soaring in popularity, gaining a following from Electronic Music lovers around the world. As October on the show proved to be yet another exciting month, delivering a mighty set from Ferry Corsten and presenting more striking music for listeners to enjoy, ‘Art Of Rave’ made sure to keep the energy high.

The episodes throughout the month continually showcased Terry Golden’s impeccable tastes; with an array of talent on display, the show featured tracks from the likes of Steve Levi and Volkan Uca, delivering a listening experience both high-quality and electrifying in vibe. Every month, Terry Golden ensures his listeners remain hooked to his signature mixing style, injecting each episode with his unique originality, continually bringing surprising sonic colour to invigorate the airwaves. With such a distinct ability to captivate audiences and present the freshest sounds of the genre, it is no wonder that Terry Golden’s radio show continues to gain a reputation as a perfect destination for sonic discovery. As genre lovers return week after week to hear more from this talented Producer and DJ, there is no doubt that the show’s popularity will continue to skyrocket.

A highlight during October’s episodes, Terry Golden presented the newest additions to his release catalogue to listeners. As he showcased ‘Another Day’, an enthralling Melodic Techno production released early in the month, Terry Golden also delivered tracks from his latest EP, ‘Rave The Universe’; introducing both ‘Afraid’ and the title track ‘Rave The Universe’, Terry Golden displayed his striking production talents, reminding listeners of his skilled musical abilities that continue to make his name climb high on the list of innovative creators within Electronic Music.

As ‘Art Of Rave’ keeps taking Terry Golden to new heights, cementing him as a name to keep watching, the radio show certainly remains a must-listen for any fan of Electronic Music. So, make sure to tune into November’s episodes as Terry Golden is sure to deliver yet more unforgettable mixes.

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