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Thabo presents ‘Gorilla Biscuits’ EP

Thabo joins the ranks at Dansu Discs for their 50th edition with the Gorilla Biscuits EP. A tasty four tracker, Thabo joins the dots between various strands of house orientated sub-genres in an impressive first outing on the imprint. The release kicks off with the title track, a bottom heavy, groovy beat. Up next is the emotive ‘Extra Crispy’ in collaboration with SY. The third track on the EP is ‘Corridor Nights’, which effortlessly fuses elements of progressive and deep house for a thoughtful piece, suitable for the club or the afters. The deep yet jackin’ Chakako’ closes out the ‘Gorilla Biscuits’ EP with a bang. A welcome addition to the ever growing Dansu Discs catalogue.


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