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Home Again is excited to present its latest digital release, "Home Again Data 04" featuring label founder Nils ‘Thabo’ Gelfort:


After a substantial hiatus with releases on the label, Thabo is back with a rejuvenated sound, ready to comeback with this digital series. The EP starts with "Calamari," a deep house track reminiscent of the early 2000s. This inviting tune showcases an uplifting chord progression that envelopes the audience in a warmly immersive sonic experience, a hallmark of Thabo's soulful yet irresistibly infectious style.


Kawaii San lends a dreamy reinterpretation to "Calamari," infusing it with the bounce of early 90s tech-house. This remix reinterprets the original track to other horizons, guiding the dance floor on a mesmerizing journey through ethereal and dreamlike soundscapes.


"Chipirones," the third track in the line up, offers a deep and melancholic auditory adventure, making it the perfect choice for setting the mood during warm-up sets. Thabo's ability to evoke emotions through his music is on full display in this profound track.


Concluding the EP is "Calippo," a captivating creation of liquid D’n'B. This audacious departure from Thabo's signature style underscores his willingness to explore uncharted genre territories. "Calippo" guarantees a unique and unexpected sonic exploration that is bound to leave an indelible mark on the dance floor or on the air.


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