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The Trip - Perfect Moderation EP

The Trip - Perfect Moderation EP

The Trip, release their next record on Tessellate with the "Perfect Moderation" EP. The EP is an elegy to the golden era of 90s house and UK prog, seamlessly weaving the two genres together to produce something truly compelling.

"A Bit Spooky" is the opener and it quickly establishes the EP's character. It's a track that oscillates between a 909 groove and vocal cuts, balancing on a tightrope of rhythm and melody, a dance between the seen and the unseen. "For The Record" follows, driving forward with an infectious beat and classic melodic lines, sustaining the momentum built by its predecessor.

"Fatazia" is a slight departure, a journey into a different headspace. It's dreamy and introspective, a soft lull in the middle of the EP. Yet, it doesn't disrupt the flow, but rather adds a new dimension to the listening experience.

Finally, "Boom Operator" brings it all back home. This track is designed for the dancefloor, an industrial-grade explosive that resonates with dancability.

Paramida, a notable figure in the scene, has already showcased two of the tracks on Radio 1, adding a layer of recognition to the "Perfect Moderation" EP's unique sound and approach. The Trip's musical journey, releasing this June 9th, is a testament to their distinct sonic landscape, a release that successfully pays homage to the past while still making strides towards the future.

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