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Twin One - Objets Trouvés [Melting Pot Music]

Our beloved Twit One, about whom we´ve talked before, arrives with his third solo album on Melting Pot Radio. The german beatmaker bring to us this “Objets Trouvés” with a declaration of intent about what he is able to do as running a record store (Grove Attack Recordstore, Cologne), being dj, radio host and music curator. With this record he shows to everyone soulful and eclectic way to take care the music to the roots. The Cool Bap is here and Twint One is the King of it.

Objets Trouvés [ɔbʒɛ tʁuve]

1 - an object found by an artist and displayed with no, or minimal, alteration as a work of art.

2 - an album by Twit One with 16 songs that draw inspiration and sounds from different paths of life and music. The elusive guest list includes Reginald Omas Mamode IV from London, Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) from Nashville and Cologne-based artists Keshavara and Imam Ally Salaam.

STUNT KEATON ( Musician, Producer & Writer )

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