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Vincent Littlehat Releases Five-Track EP ‘Another Land Below’ and AI-Generated Music Video for ‘How

Riding a wave of international acclaim off the back of her most recent two singles The Head of Knights and Who Are You back in October and December respectively, Berlin-based artist Vincent Littlehat now continues her prolific run of creative, audio-visual output into the New Year, with the announcement of her breathtaking new EP, Another Land Below.

Out now via her namesake imprint Littlehat Recordings, the five-track EP features three brand new original singles – How I Vibrate, Another Land Below and Darkness Has Its Place – which will accompany the first two offerings to complete a truly original and dynamic, multi-faceted opus.

Created together with award-winning German composer/producers Robert Koch and Kris Steininger, the record sees Vincent open up further sides of her unique, artistic creativity as she continues challenge her audiences with thought-provoking lyrics, poignant perceptions on reality and beautiful song-writing structures.

“My creative works express the personal insights I have collected in moments of clarity between depressive and euphoric phases throughout my life.” Vincent comments. “These insights have been a source of stability for me through times of emotional turbulence. By presenting them in a creative way, through music and visuals, I return to the wise side of myself more enthusiastically and relate my perspective with others.

Accompanying the package is a mind-altering, AI-generated music video for one of the three new singles, How I Vibrate. A flowing flight of trippy imagary creates a digital reality from purposefully selected prompts, with the work evolving from a certain level of randomness; an essential element of its creation.

Watch: Vincent Littlehat – How I Vibrate (Official Music Video)

Speaking about the concept behind the new single and music video, Vincent explains:

“‘How I Vibrate reflects a creative process filled with nuance and the subtlety of less tangible forces. Emotions, thoughts, words, and actions impress themselves in our world and the awareness of this incorporates distance that can modify their flow and make them more deliberate. However, not everything can be planned and all ingredients accurately measured. Significant modifying parameters are in play, coming from an unconscious field of possibilities and memories of everyone/everything involved.”

Often likened to artists including CocoRosie, Soko and Lily Allen, Vincent Littlehat first began her musical exploration in London, UK, collaborating with Tatsujiro ‘Pop’ Oto (The Pop Group, The Prodigy), cellists Chloe Treacher (The Irrepressibles) and Martin Radford (Patrick Wolf) on the singles Moondust and Golden Locks. Now living in Berlin, she has also recently collaborated with producer Enda Gallery on her latest single Ask Yourself Why and Berlin-based producer Chris Zippel (Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams).

Vincent Littlehat – Another Land Below EP and the official music video for How I Vibrate is out now via Littlehat Recordings:


1. How I Vibrate

2. Who Are You

3. Another Land Below

4. The Head Of Knights

5. Darkness Has Its Place

About Vincent Littlehat

Vincent Littlehat is an eclectic creative; a musician, performer, writer and model. She was born in Poland and is currently living in Berlin, but has travelled and worked previously in London and Naples. Having studied the subject in university, Vincent’s interest in psychology has played a role in shaping her creative explorations. With thought-provoking lyrics, Vincent invites listeners to embark on a journey outside of themselves, to shift their perspective and return with a new sense of themselves. She enjoys collaborating with diverse artists and experimenting with different styles of music, with every new release evoking new feelings. Accompanied by fantastical graphics, every experience is vividly immersive.

Vincent Littlehat:

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