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Yalisaxx releases “Chill out Tim” with Shorik Beats on Dezi-Belle Records

A while back we already introduced you to up and coming eclectic musician Yali, also known under his stage name Yalisaxx. Surprising us with the release of the experimental track “Saxpedition” back then, the recording artist and world-class saxophonist, who masters both alto and tenor saxophone is now back with yet another exciting release.

As we already know, there is not a single genre Yalisaxx would shy away from, working with a wide range of different producers and musicians to combine soulful saxophone melodies with electronic beats.

For his latest release on Dezi-Belle Records, he has teamed up with yet another talented producer; Shorik Beats.

“Chill out Tim” is the first result from the collaboration between Yalisaxx and Shorik Beats, although they have both already confirmed there is definitely more to expect from the pair.

Jamming around in the studio together, Yali listened to the demo version of Shorik’s production on his headphones, instantly sensing how his intricate saxophone sounds could complement the beat in the most electrifying way possible. With waves of inspiration splashing over him, the rest, as they say, is history.

Recorded in a magical Kibbutz in Israel, “Chill out Tim” is an inviting Chill Hop track with a very soulful vibe due to the smooth tenor saxophone melody. The track challenges the listener to broaden their horizons, as the crossover of genres lifts the tune to a whole other level.

Find Yalisaxx on: Facebook Instagram Soundcloud

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