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Zar - Practice Makes Miracles

ANARP Records’ latest release comes from London-based multidisciplinary artist Zar, also known as Arun Dhanjal. His debut EP, “Practice Makes Miracles,” is an exploration of spirituality, duality, and facing fear through a unique blend of UK garage, techno, and bass. The EP is a seamless 20-minute journey that's best experienced in one sitting, with each track flowing into the next.

As a member of the Daytimers internal team and a drummer in acclaimed punk and noise rock/hardcore bands, Zar's music is informed by his diverse experiences within the music industry. This is reflected in the EP's focus on both club-ready sounds and deep introspection, creating a balance that's perfect for pondering people looking to dance and reflect.

Set to be released on Thursday, March 16, 2023, and will be available on streaming services and Bandcamp.


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