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Zorza presents Once You Fall EP

Zorza is an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada. She is most known for producing a wide range of electronic music spanning from indie dance to techno. Known for her high energy trance and hard dance sets, Zorza has become one of the top music streamers on Twitch. Crafting bass lines that evoke saccharine nostalgia with eccentric pop melodies, she’s an emerging force that has released a string of singles to date. More recently, “Bodiless” propelled the artist on Spotify in 2022, earning her a spot on RADAR Canada’s list of Ones To Watch for 2023 and the cover feature for Planet Rave.

Zorza has played alongside artists such as Shlømo and Skin on Skin, as well as at festivals like Boiler Room Toronto and Pep Rally. She recently made her debut performance in Germany, playing at Amp Muenster.

Her upcoming release on Saike (label by Shlømo) showcases the natural evolution of her signature sound. Drawing inspiration from the realms of techno, trance, and hyperpop, Zorza fearlessly combines these genres to forge a sound that is uniquely her own.

Fall into Zorza’s world where Techno meets Pop.

Zorza Quote

“This project began late last year when I was experimenting with making hard, dark industrial techno. The problem was a track never felt right until I added vocals and trance melodies. For a while this was frustrating, but then I decided to embrace it and see where it would take me. The result was a dancefloor ready, techno-trance hyperpop infused project, that really felt like a natural evolution of my signature sound.”


A1 - Devil’s Claw

A2 - Exhale

B1 - Fallen Wing

B2 - Swan King

B3 - Dreamstate

Album Credits

Produced and written by : Kelly Piskor

Release Timeline

06/09 - Devil's Claw (single release) + full EP vinyl pre-order

06/16 - Exhale (single release) + full EP vinyl pre-order

06/23 - EP release + vinyl order

Upcoming Tour Dates

07/02/2023 - Electric Island, Toronto, ON

09/24/2023 - Piknic Electronik, Montreal, QC


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