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Amine K’s hot and sturdy remix of Bondi’s - In My Mind (Juna Poly)

After two self-produced releases titled ‘Venus’ and ‘Time to be Free’ this year, Amine K is well underway on his self-assigned mission to put a smile on people’s faces with his music. In between working on new material and touring the world, the Moroccan DJ and producer found time to work on intriguing remixes for some of his favorite artists, such as Berlin-based live act BONDI.

Quite the match made in heaven, the distinct vibrant beat that Amine K is known for perfectly supports the Indie House groove of BONDI’s ‘In My Mind’, effecting a highly energetic, yet sturdy remix of the track. Driving the synthesizer melody full force through the 80’s dark wave realm it already so comfortably reigns, Amine K’s remix succeeds in keeping the soul of the original track, while giving it much more of a club vibe.

Amine K was already a fan of BONDI, so when the artist reached out to him on Instagram asking if he would be interested in doing a remix for his upcoming album, he directly said yes. Amine K:”BONDI is such an amazing artist, so when he reached out, I didn’t think twice, even before hearing his album yet. I picked 3 tracks and ‘In My Mind’ is the one I ended up remixing”

The song ‘In My Mind’ is the second single from BONDI’s new album titled ‘Space Logic’, which brings together different genres such as folk, indie, new wave, and pop, all combined with electronic music. Bondi:”For this song, my aim was to really nail this 80’s synth-pop feeling down, so the instruments and techniques I used to produce it are mostly of that time.”

BONDI worked with several singer/songwriters to add vocals to the tracks on his album, and once it was finished, the next logical step for him was to work with even more artists to bring the whole concept to the dancefloor. BONDI:”I instantly loved Amine’s vibe and his amazing remix ideas. Couldn’t have wished for a better start for my new label.”

The result is a remix that feels powerful, while also having a certain easiness to it. The nonchalant vocals seem to sear over the pulsating rhythm, creating an uplifting atmosphere with just a sliver of melancholy. Amine K:”I’m feeling good lately, and you can feel it in the music I’ve been producing. It’s all about summer fun, crazy sunrises, love and friendship; the good life! The same goes for this remix, it’s very 80’s and very happy, and as my good friend Kari says, a real panty dropper! ”


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