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Ani Klang I Composition for a Clown I by Overlook Pictures

Actualizado: 5 feb 2021

Why not loosen up a bit, why not lose control? In an attempt to adjust to life in quarantine, a Clown falls into an unspectacular and monotonous daily routine. Attempts to fill the void by being "productive" pay off at first: they clean, call their grandparents, try yoga exercises, and clean again. But as the days slowly fade into one, the clown he begins to question the need for all this, and the meaning of this performance. Why not let me go a bit? After all, who is really going to care? Who is everything for? the Clown, we explore how our common understanding of what it means to be a "productive human" may be disrupted during the pandemic. However, while breaking free from ritual and productivity can be liberating, in a society where self-esteem remains so Linked to work, the struggle to find meaning outside of one's work is a struggle that inevitably invites chaos.

Ani Klang, a former Berlin DJ and music producer raised in California, honed in New York, is the creator of this enigmatic track, with which she manages to create apocalyptic soundscapes full of tension, mystery and sudden outbursts of chaos. The filmmakers of Overlook Pictures created the story about a quarantined clown, and together with Ani Klang gave birth to "Composition For A Clown" music video, a composition that crosses the Industrial, IDM and Experimental genres with nineties, raw and electric images.

El ASAV (Association for Audiovisual Synthesis) is a platform that connects emerging storytellers with electronic music producers to make music videos and documentaries about experimental arts from a local perspective around the world. This time presenting OVERLOOK Pictures, a collective by Berlin-based filmmakers Mariano Rodriquez and Francesca Root, who currently produces music videos, web-series, and other queer, rebellious creative content. You can check their work at


Produced by Overlook Pictures and Direction: Francesca Root Direction of Photography: Mariano Rodriguez Ingold Montage: LAOrbit (Lorea Arcelus)

Art director: Rodriga Cavalheiro Wardrobe: Rodriga Cavalheiro Make up: Francesca Root


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