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Baja Frequencia celebrates its tenth anniversary with the new EP Fast & Purrious

Includes new track ‘Kapepela’ Ft. Wanny S King, plus singles ‘Hotchip’ and Chocolate Remix collab ‘La Caracúlica’



The duo celebrate with EP release party at Makeda in Marseille on 3rd November

Global bass duo Baja Frequencia announce tenth anniversary EP Fast & Purrious, featuring new track ‘Kapepela’ feat. Wanny S King, plus singles ‘Hotchip’ and Chocolate Remix collab ‘La Caracúlica’ due the 3rd of November on all platforms. 


Fast & Purrious is a riotous tour de force of global club references that celebrate Baja Frequencia’s expansive career at the forefront of the genre. This fierce energy is encapsulated on blistering new track ‘Kapepela’ where the duo team up with Congolese artist Wanny S King, whose distinctively powerful vocals tear over signature bleeps and a furious breakbeat. 


The EP’s title track ‘Fast & Purrious’ inducts the listener into the exhilarating sonic world of Baja Frequencia and sets the energetic tone for the EP where we see the duo step out of their comfort zone, leaving their computers behind in favour of a more raw creative process embracing the world of analogmachines. Creating visceral club magic through many hours of jamming on synthesisers, beatboxes and loopers, where the influence of techno music is strongly felt.The playful analogue synth energy comes through strongly on ‘Le Chat Machine’ where we find the duo bounce through sonics snatching prizes like the club equivalent of a pair of beloved computer game characters. 


On ‘La Caracúlica’ the pair join forces with queer Argentinian rapper and vocalist Chocolate Remix for a blistering explosion of sharp lyricism over earworm synths and a hypnotic reggaeton beat. Chocolate Remix is well-loved for her eloquent delivery and razor-like words, in her work she address taboo subjects such as female pleasure and sexuality, as well as denouncing all forms of oppression, censorship and violence faced by the LGBTQ+ community, and on ‘La Caracúlica’ her words slice through the rhythms with delicious power. 


‘Hotchip’ is Baja Frequencia at the peak of their audacious powers. The perfect celebratory track for their tenth anniversary party, it’s a vibrant spin full of colourful retro computer game sounds,  wonked out big room leads and a seriously infectious beat. Paired with a visual that leans into the retro gaming energy, the track brims with frenetic fierceness and fun. The EP contains both a club and radio edit of the track. Topping off this electrifying six-tracker is ‘Fernet De Aca’ whose urgent dark energy and percussive detail, make for a thrilling final lap. 


Fast & Purrious marks the culmination of the group’s musical evolution from underground beginnings a decade ago. A hybridization of influences- predominantly South American and Caribbean - and musical genres spanning reggaeton, techno, kuduro, jungle, guaracha and footwork create a sound that is uniquely and irresistibly Baja Frequencia’s own. 


The duo will be celebrating the launch of this essential new record at Makeda in Marseille on 3rd November, along with Madrid friends the Dembooty collective: Umami, Crks 290 and Brava, for a night full of emotion and heavy bass!


Baja Frequencia are producers and DJs, Azuleski and Goodjiu. The project originally intended as a one-off set has now been going strong for a decade. Starting out life as a hybrid live machine and homemade bootleg DJ set for their ‘Cumbia Fusion’ and ‘Global Bass’ nights back in 2013, the response was so overwhelming it took flight as a fully fledged production project and the duo never looked back. 


In their ten years together their pair have collaborated and produced with the likes of Warrior Queen, Dai Burger, La Dame Blanche, MC Blimes Brixton, Skarra Mucciand many more. Making their mark with jaw-dropping live shows and a unique sound that encompasses a rich variety of influences including Jamaican dancehall, juke, reggaeton, baile funk and cumbia villera, all underpinned by big techno kicks and acidulous leads. 

For more information on Baja Frequencia please visit


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