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Berny [In Dark We Trust]

"The In Dark We Trust series is constantly growing in listenings and sharings thanks to the talent and intelligence of the artists who provide me with really quality mixes"

The In Dark We Trust project is the result of the work of Berny, whose taste for music led him to create a platform with sound that captured his attention and took away his creative curiosity. Since then, they have not stopped, being internationally recognized, without losing fidelity to the music and its message: increasing the rhythm, reducing the differences.

What was your first foray into the world of electronic music?

I started listening New Age music and first Café Del Mar cds, was ’94/’95. Very inspired by this music i started producing Lounge/Chill tracks with my partner Guru, we built a little studio at his house in the room just right next his old mom’s bedroom, the music of her television was higher than our music so we could produce music every night with no problem...

In and out of the electronic music circle, who is an inspiration to you?

I listen so much Jazz, Ambient and Soul, there is always music in my house, every morning I wake up and listen some Pat Metheny having breakfast, later doing office work I can listen Marvin Gay, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Chick Corea or also some good Jungle/Drum&Bass, it’s one month that I listen Earth compilations by Ltj Bukem, we are talking about early 2000 productions, class.. after lunch I start with House/Electronica…

When did the idea of starting a project begin to take shape? Has it always been something you’ve wanted to do?

With lockdown and gigs canceled I decided to focus on new productions and mostly podcasts, I had lot of good music (and time), in my last performances in Berlin in February I played exclusively ‘dark disco’ and the response from public was great so I wanted to play and record my sets immediately. After some recordings the decision to start a podcast series involving all the artists I was playing tracks of it become natural, to be honest I never thought about it before seriously but since we were all locked home I was sure that many DJs would have participate in my new project and so happened.

What about this name, In Dark We Trust? What does it mean to you?

It's not a name game, I believe in a 'dark' way of playing club music now, 'dark' for me it's not a bad word, means more 'groovy', 'dusty', new sexy way of playing deep basslines, arps with fat disco drum loops... essential for me is also to have spoken spanish/french frmale vocals in this genre...

Can you pinpoint any early inspirations for In Dark We Trust in terms of labels, artists, aesthetics or otherwise? Similarly, can you highlight any formative experiences that led you on the path to its inception?

The very first artist i started following approaching to ‘dark disco’ world was Theus Mago, i still remember people reactions playing first times his tracks like ‘Out Of The Blue‘ or ‘Papa En Roy‘. Around 2016 i really was not inspired anymore by tech house and deep house but listening casually to the sets of the marvellous Mystery Affair i finally found new enthusiasm and desire to play for hours in clubs. From that point it began my obsessive search for artists and labels that met my taste and I discovered Curses, Damon Jee, Playground Records, Correspondant, Side Up, Dischi Autunno, Critical Monday...

What is your criteria for choosing artists, projects, releases…?

First of all the discography and the number of tracks that I play of each of them but I contacted artists of which I play only a single track... in short, my criterion is not their level of popularity but the level of pleasure that transmits me listening and playing their productions.

Since you started IN DARK WE TRUST until now, how much has the concept of the series changed?

The series is constantly growing in listenings and sharings thanks to the talent and intelligence of the artists who provide me with really quality mixes. I limit myself to a targeted and constant promotion, the artists are shaping naturally the concept of the series. I upload a mix every 3 days because people want to listen to them continuously, listeners write me every day so I try to reach as many people as possible through all the tools that Soundcloud and other Socials offer me, only time will tell what results we reach in terms of feedbacks.

What is missing from the dance music scene nowadays?

It's very simple, a basement and a red light.. intimate warm venues where people can rediscover good old underground music...

Do you think that after the Covid-19 event, the music industry will change?

Most of my dj friends during this bad period did many many new productions so there is lot of new good music out there.. I hope that when clubs open there will be also a change of approaching the club culture, I hope all nights in the clubs will be streamed for example.. so that people in the other part of the world can listen with HQ audio & video what is happening in the club, listen and watch their favorite DJ.

What lesson should we learn from this paralysis?

That maybe we paid too much mediocre Djs in the past, maybe now we could have littl e more money in our pockets...

What tracks would you recommend us to liven up the confinement?

KUNO KULTURA - Unnamed (Ricardo Ruben Remix)

HANZO & YAMAN - The Path (Marc Piñol Remix)

YOR KULTURA - The Hunting

What’s your favourite “save the dancefloor” song?

Absolutely >> DAVID SHAW - Trance In Mexico :)

What are your future plans?

I am going back to Berlin after 3 monthes for some streamings in Kit Kat, Golden Gate and Bordel Des Arts, after i will continue on working and promoting IN DARK WE TRUST series and it's time for new releases and collaborations.


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