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REVIEW: BOI presenta Coron O Chwinc

Welsh alternative rock band 'BOI' will release their new debut album titled 'Coron O Chwinc' through new independent Welsh label 'Recordiau Crwn' on Friday June 25, 2021.

'BOI' has been featured on the playlist multiple times on BBC Radio Cymru since it released its first single in April, and has had great radio support from Adam Walton, Rhys Mwyn, Lisa Gwilym, Huw Stephens, Sian Eleri on BBC Radio, Artrocker. Radio, WFMU, KX FM, Bombshell Radio and CISM FM Montreal.

"BOI" creates a great melodic sound, unapologetic, powered by drums and guitar, with lyrics and melodies that explore the great problems of our time and the human state. The 10 songs on “Coron O Chwinc” were recorded in various locations in Wales and then mixed in the skilled hands of Dafydd Ieuan (Super Furry Animals).

This latest work has led him to open horizons, to delve into unique proposals, where if they had something in common it was energy and that positive, hypnotic and contagious feeling.

'Coron O Chwinc' is his latest work but also the consolidation of a career marked by the need to express his emotions through each of his pores. This last job lands this season and he does so marking a turning point in his career. Few bands know how to play his cards as well as he does, scoring an album that questions the rules of the genre, building a timeless set, to which we will go over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that achieves transcends all expectations.

'BOI' has managed to build with this 'Coron O Chwinc' a utopian world that, in the way of Noah, with his ark, wants to free us from the enormous storm that we live together, but above all, the one that is coming. A whole lesson, a way of understanding not only music, but culture, beyond the precariousness that currently prevails, as something expendable, as if music, books or art did not save us. Forget for a moment about this magmatic present, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by each of the notes that this singular producer proposes to you, because within Conjunction it is safe and it seems that everything begins again.


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