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Budakid presents Milestones EP

Budakid is one of the freshest and most innovative producers on the Berlin electronic scene. Now he’s back with the brand-new Milestones EP. Released by Exploited Records on 14th April, Milestones it set to be one of the sweetest sounds of spring.

The title track Milestones kicks off with a soul-satisfying sequencer melody, swiftly accompanied by a little of Budakid’s signature glitch production. Milestones is complimented further by deep organic rolling bass, then completed by soaring piano synths. Budakid expertly sets up the soundscape for acclaimed and extremely talented Berlin singer Bad Actor, whose captivating vocal enters the fray with perfect punctuality. “The silence is over / Unfold the blindfold / Speak the unspoken / Guess who we are now”; Lyrics that fit Budakid’s melody like a hand in a satin glove. Simultaneously classic, yet contemporary. New, yet nostalgic. Indie bar intimacy at the low end, yet with stadium-filling leads at the high. Milestones is a track that puts you in a time machine kitted out with 21st Century mod-cons, catapults you back in time to the New Pop era, way back in the early 80s, and puts you on stage with Simple Minds and Human League.

Next up, Graph The Jeff takes the Milestones EP to deeper and even prettier places. This track really harks back to vintage electro house. Detuned 8-bit chord riffs and a deliciously thick, deep-filled bassline are joined by the percussive rhythm of agogo bells, setting the stage for the dreamiest melody; rhythmically in step, yet lighter texturally and coated in a flowing gown of white noise, that rises from the depths of the breakdown; Graph The Jeff is a heavenly track that will leave you feeling more blissed out than a sunset gong-bath.

Budakid, on the title track, Milestones: “This ‘milestone’, is a stone set at the end of an era. A reflection on a chapter of my life. A pillar that marks a musical journey. A moment captured in sound. Milestones started a year ago when I created the sequence track. Immediately, it was clear to me the direction I had to take it in. I invited Bad Actor, who is an incredibly talented singer, to record the vocals, and a close friend to add the organic bassline which gives Milestones such an authentic feel. Both nailed it their first takes! Everything came together and I couldn't wait to play the track live. The ‘Milestone’ was truly set.” And on Graph the Jeff: “This was another outburst and a joyful jam. An uplifting melody with a groovy undertone, inspired by a mesmerizing forest walk and a drawing session with friends. Let's graph the Jeff!”

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