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Co-Accused presents its Sonic Assault mix

Actualizado: 21 may 2021

DJs and producers Co-Accused are long-time residents of the legendary underground club Club 69, and now they bring us a set to announce their new album: "Psychonaut Society", on their techno and electro label, Co-Accused Records.

The set, like the EP, is filled with the same infectious energy and dynamic, futuristic sound that fuels his notorious basement parties. Enjoy!

Co-Accused are launching their new techno and electro orientated label Co-Accused Records on 14th May. Debuting with a digital and vinyl 4 track Psychonaut EP from them and featuring a remix from Jensen Interceptor, the release is permeated with the same infectious energy and driving, futuristic techno that fuels their live sets. Stay tuned!


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