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CYRK presents Obsession EP [Burial Soil]

"Stay true to yourself, don´t believe the hype and listen to your Mama"

Berlin duo CYRK expands on their unique permutation of sci-fi inspired electro. Now they return with Obsession EP (Burial Soil), and two impressive remixes by The Hacker and DJ LOUI, elegant and with a touch of the 80s. The album is a good example of the haunting and cinematic atmosphere that they have been advocating lately. We have had the pleasure of interviewing you about your unique album.

Hey! Where can we find you right now? How did you start off your day?


Pascal is at work, they move the place so he has to drive the van

Sam is at home, ready to go to the studio and check some projects, then rewiring the midi

How did your work on "Obsession" start? How did the order arrive?

We worked as we always do: we start with a jam and see what happens. Then we try to arrange the track and add missing elements or delete what we think is too much. Then we do the mix, wait a few days and see if we still like it, make some adjustments.

Do you have certain criteria that you work to when producing? 

Not really, we sometimes try to decide in advance what we want to do but it rarely works.

Most of the time we decide what machine to start with and it can give a direction.

What does your studio look like? And what type of hardware/software do you like to work with?

We have a lot of synths, we just got our Yamaha CS70 back from repaid and midification, so it will probably be in a lot of tracks. We have a few go to synths (but it changes all the time). Lately it was the OB6 and the Nord Modular G2.

What can you tell us about “Obsession”? What did you want to transmit? What inspired you?

As we said before, we don´t think too much when entering the studio, we didn´t really have anything in mind, it just happened.

What has led you to emphasize this album in multiple genres? What draws you to these genres?

We don´t think it has different genres ( besides the remixes), it is a straight electro ep. We know Michel The Hacker for years and always wanted a remix from him, it was the right time and he delivered a new beat influenced slow track. Loui is a new friend and we love his label Jupiter 4 and we thought it would be cool to have him onboard. He also went the slower way which is great so we have a complete record.

How is Burial Soil's way of working? What have you learned working with this label?

First of all we are very close friends, so it is easy. We had the very first release on the label and Stefan (Ravn Jonassen) is very involved in the whole CYRK project as we really see him a lot and

He knows pretty much all we do and gives us precious advice as he really knows how to handle a label and artists.

What projects are you working on at the moment? 

We are trying to finish a few new eps, we are sending premasters to a few labels (meaning rechecking the mixdowns) and thinking about an album for next year.

What can you tell us about the remixes of The Hacker and DJ LOUI?

The Hacker is a legend in electronic music and a good friend, he is super talented and never made a bad track in his life. We were very lucks to have him onboard for this project.

DJ LOUI is a super talented vinyl electro deejay ( not that the mdeium matters to us ;) ) and

We became good friends.

Are you praying remixes like that? Have they exceeded expectations?

We were really happy with both the remixes, we didn´t expect anything besides knowing the artists we asked were exceptional and we were happy beyond our non expectations.

What do you admire about each artist?

Everything, we think they are hard workers, talented and first of all super cool and nice people.

Do you have any final words of wisdom?

Stay true to yourself, don´t believe the hype and listen to your Mama.


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