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Demien Sixx presents 'The Eyes Of Tomorrow'

Artist Demien Sixx returns with an intense and electrifying EP entitled 'The Eyes Of Tomorrow', and with which he maintains the spectacular energy of his live performances. We are facing a work in which many stories and themes inhabit, overlapping, but not hidden. Infinite stories that come together in the same one that always end up being two. The same face on two different coins.

'The Eyes Of Tomorrow' maintains its intense eclecticism, fusing dubstep, electro house and trap, while still displaying his signature style growing, as well as his dexterity. This allows him to encompass an infinite universe of musical possibilities, a journey from light to darkness and vice versa, in which the best possible result is the eclecticism with which this young producer works. Totally free, without ties or pretensions, with no other desire than to enjoy the experience and learning.

The result is a single that is a musical adventure, which recalls the best and worst of the human being, but is also testimony to a convulsive present, without a definite direction, but which illuminates us with its darkness to move forward with force.

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