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Dreamerz EP - The Parts Project's Ode to Melodics

Dreamerz EP - The Parts Project's Ode to Melodics

The Montreal-based Parts Project graces Juncture Music's roster with their latest offering, the Dreamerz EP. A testament to the transformative power of constraints, the EP features tracks crafted through a live hardware setup that breathes life into the auditory experience while maintaining an intimate connection with listeners.

The Dreamerz EP's track list unfolds as follows:





A departure from the artist's earlier work, this release centers around melody and mood, weaving a reflective and nostalgic tapestry that encapsulates the solitary urban existence. Yet, the EP never loses sight of its unyielding energy, evident in each track.

Taking cues from Facta, Kowton, Forest Drive West, and Hodge, the Dreamerz EP is an auditory delight for those with a penchant for these trailblazers' signature sounds. Attendees of 2022's Mutek festival may have caught a glimpse of these tracks' early incarnations, but now, fully realized and immortalized in the form of an EP, Dreamerz stands as a great addition to Juncture Music's catalog.


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