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Ellen Allien presents AurAA

Actualizado: 16 jun 2020

"Making music and playing music is such a fun part of my life"

Ellen Allien releases her new album, AurAA (BPitch Control). Across its 9-tracks, the album moves through drone, trance, wistful synths and percussive techno. AurAA will explore the notion of unseen energies controlling our planet.

Her musical selection and good judgment has dared borders. We take the opportunity to interview her.

Hi Ellen! Where can we find you right now? How did you start off your day?

Hello nice too meet you. I am in Berlin, still living the "Corona Turtle Life“ :)

I start every day with a fresh juice!

And since Friday June 12th my album AurAA is out... so Friday started especially happy

How was the LP AurAA born? What inspired you? What do you want to transmit with this album?

I created and produced AurAA is in Berlin, late in 2019 together with Pablo Matteo as my co-producer. I was heavily inspired by and used a lot of analog gear, modular synths and my vocals who sound like I am in outer space…

The album is about us and here. So about humans and our planet earth. Its about my trust in music, my love for rainbows and confusion. The power of auras and all the things we can not see anymore, because we want to control instead of listening to nature.

But we can not control planets or the nature.

Since your last album, how much has your sound changed?

I don’t know… sounds to me like Ellen Allien. I don’t force a certain sound, nothing is forced. It surely sounds different…it should sound like Allien dance!

What is the meaning of the two 'A' s of the album title?

It is just a fantasy word like that..

This is your 9th album, why do you like the LP / album format ? How do you decide to make an album ?

I just felt like doing one, there are so many things to share and I love to create. Making music is such a fun part of my life. Making music and playing music/ DJing!

Learning to work with new gear and instruments and I love experimenting with my voice and emotions.

AurAA feels to me more raw and direct than the previous ones, is that a reflection of the state of tension in today's world?

Yes true, you can feel the tension of the modular system, it makes the sounds raw. I love it

How did you deal during C19 confinement with work?

The break from traveling gives me space to do things i could not do before like making more music and taking more care of my flat. I renovated my balcony and other things for example.

I am working on projects for the labels as well. On the other hand I cant see the guy I want to hang out with the most, because he is in Mexico and I am in Germany …

But it is summer… so? hahaha :)

How do you see the future of the music industry? Are you optimistic?

Optimistic yes. And I am doing my best as many others too so we can come back soon and strong :-)

What projects are you working on at the moment?

There will be a hybrid-live session of my album, which I will preform live and will stream online. I am contributing a track for a compilation for a records store based in Milano called Serendeepity.

Another compilation will be released on my label bpitch called‚ We Are Not Alone‘ with 30 tracks in total (1 from myself)…

End of June comes one compilation on german label The Third Room. They are running the best events in Ruhgebiet (a region in the west of Germany)... my track for them is called C19 BPitch!!!

Ellen Allien


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