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Ethan Fawkes - Direction Kepler-11

Actualizado: 27 abr 2020

The big Ethan Fawkes returns and this time he does it with the LP 'Direction Kepler-11', a futuristic exploration that will take us back in time, to the 90s, as if it were a science fiction movie. Each note sounds forceful and challenging, boasting an evolved, refined and enhanced sound, which consolidates the trajectory of a producer who does not lack notable virtues, shaping unique pieces, designed to put a club or festival back and a half.

'Dive Into A Vortex' is the starting shot of this unforgiving album, taking us directly to the dance floor, based on a strong bassline and a bittersweet melody, which immerses us in an evangelical dystopia, guided by the voice of Ethan himself . Another of the tracks to highlight is the same ‘Through A Nebula‘, where it collects all the pyrotechnic ingredients of the same Fawkes: sounds of crowds of noise, 90s textures, sirens and a redundant gospel vocal.

All these tracks come together, in the manner of a philosophical essay, to conjugate an intense and addictive album, which seizes oneself as a sweet poison, while transporting us progressively and boisterously, as few producers with decided ease are willing to do. For infinite more Fawkes!

Ethan Fawkes


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