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Fes Bondat presents Retruque

This album has been inspired by the traditional Valencian card game "El Truc," where each song is titled after an specific move or word from this game's vocabulary.

The game involves betting points or "pedres" that must be won using cleverness and deception.

It is typical to play it on holidays after "armosar" or "dinar" when alcohol, coffee and liquor is involved and there is usually a lot of banter and mocking around since distracting the opponent is key to winning the game.

The game itself serves as a metaphor for the character and personality of the Valencian people, and this album is an ode to the popular culture that surrounds it.

December 1st 2023


Mixed by Novakk

Mastered by Pedro Viñuela

Lyrics & Vocals on “Joc Fora” by Jordi Palau

Artwork & Visual Identity Development by Asucar Veneno


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