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PREMIERE: Found Identity - 6th Avenue (Instrumental) [Laib und Seele Records]

Laib und Seele is a collective of young artists and DJs based in London and Berlin. Their goal is to share music through their own platform, a bustling bakery of exquisite music.

Now they return with their third reference, with the producers Found Identity. In his words: "Taking a different direction from the previous releases, this time we shine the spotlight to feel-good, groovy house cuts with bright vocals. With thumping beats and an uncompromising sense of rawness, Found Identity creates an aesthetic of glistening summer memories."

We present the premiere of 6th Avenue (Instrumental) an energetic and friendly house track, designed to make us dance to a soft beat while the sun sets on the beach.

Available 22nd May HERE

Laib und Seele Records


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