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Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima Sarshar

"A lover can reach the field of salvation and freedom by overcoming hardships and being wisened by them"

We have the great pleasure of interviewing the duo of djs and producers Hamoon & Amiralee, and Nima Sarshar, in full creative effervescence. He recently released: "Beyond", for the iconic Night Room record label, an album that is difficult to describe in words, except perhaps for how the compositions make you feel. It is an album that will give a lot to talk about. And if not, come in, read and dance.

Where can we find you right now?

Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima: Our native Tehran, Iran. Working in our studios.

How did you start off your day?

Hamoon & Amiralee: By Drinking a cup of coffee, discovering new music, discovering new ideas and working on new projects.

Nima: I started my day by doing absolutely nothing. It’s cool and relaxing sometimes.

Do you remember the first time you met?

Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima: Of course! Our first acquaintance dates back to 2012. At that time, we were in high school and we were very interested in electronic music. We had just started learning to make music at that time. We met on Facebook and after a while we got to know each other's Mentalities and we felt that our taste were in harmony and close to each other, so we started working.

How did you end up producing an EP together?

Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima: We felt we had reached a point where we could discover and present the main character of our art. So we decided to create new tracks with a new atmosphere. It was last winter when Beyond started.

Has the COVID19 pandemic affected you creatively?

Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima: Well, staying at home & using our time to worry more about music had its positive effects. It really made us realize that life is short and time is short. So we came to ourselves and clarified our task with ourselves. We realized that what we really need from the inside is to know ourselves more, and this process of self-knowledge made us pay more attention to ourselves and what we want from life and see it more clearly. So we believed in ourselves and started our activity. In short, the quarantine period created the Beyond Ep.

What can you tell us about your new EP ‘Beyond’? Is there any story behind it? What do you want to transmit with this release?

Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima: This EP announces the beginning of a new era. Electronic music has a boundless nature and we used this feature to express something big. The track "After us" signifies freedom and excellence. The track "Resistance" speaks of patience & defiance against the hardships. “The Fountain” Shows the nature and character of a lover Which contains both of the mentioned conditions. A lover can reach the field of salvation and freedom by overcoming hardships and being wisened by them.

Could you briefly tell us about the tracks from your latest EP?

Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima: Style of tracks is diverse and integrated. For example, in "After Us", an attempt was made to create an atmosphere with a Persian touch. In the second half of the track, a Kamanche was used, which induced a Persian theme. "Resistance" has an ambient and trance space with a combination of melodic techno and "The Fountain" Afro and melodic space.

What does your studio look like? And what type of hardware/software do you like to work with?

Hamoon & Amiralee: The environment in which we work is inspiring. We decorated our work environment with postmodern and Afro paintings and pendants. There is also a window in front of us that takes the fatigue out of us by looking at the sky.

Nima: It’s really cosy with vintage & retro looks which always inspires me. Also very welcoming Pleasant atmosphere with my equipment around.

Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima: In terms of software and hardware, All three of us are interested in working with analog and modular synthesizers such as Moog, as well as Arturia, Elektron and Native Instruments products.

How has it been working with Night Room? What do you appreciate about this label?

Hamoon & Amiralee: They are a new and powerful team who have a bright future and also work smart and know what they want. For example, pay attention to their previous release! The fourth release of their label was unveiled by the best DJs Support and also by good channels like melodic diggers. We are very happy to work with them.

Nima : Lovely experience overall, not a single complaint. Excellent promos & connections, extremely bright & down to earth crew. Happy to call them my good friends now!

What was the latest record you purchased? Do you go to stores and buy vinyl or are you a digital shopper?

Hamoon & Amiralee: Unfortunately, in our country, it is not possible to buy vinyl and we buy our products digitally. The last record we bought was Picture: Innellea.

Nima: The most recent purchase was an EP called “Forever In Our Favor” from Nandu. We’re all digital shoppers in this country, since there’s no vinyl shop here.

One record in your collection that is impossible to mix into anything, but you love it?

Hamoon & Amiralee: The Cure - Fascination Street

Nima: Gregory Alan Isakov - The Stable Song

What have you guys got coming up in 2021?

Hamoon & Amiralee: New tracks with different styles and newer spaces in Indie Dance style.

Nima : Lots of surprises. Keep an eye out!

Do you have any final words of wisdom?

Hamoon & Amiralee: Spend your energy growing your core talent. Life happens once, so don't waste it in the wrong place by wasting energy. Be the best and most original in your main activity.

Nima : I’d say toughen up. Just keep doing the best you can, no need to be perfect & enjoy every step as it serves you to keep your feet on the ground. You're not making music, you are creating a space. It’s never easy to put these into words & be as clear as possible, so we make music.


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