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Hard To Tell release ‘Love Pedal’ EP on TAU:

Mood Therapy featuring Belle Humble - If Only EP [Tekhedz]

Mood Therapy's "If Only EP," featuring Belle Humble and released under Tekhedz, is a soulful journey back in time, revitalizing an underground classic. This EP, marked by its December 8, 2023 release, is an enchanting blend of nostalgic rhythms and contemporary flair. The leading track, "If Only (Crimson Rework)," masterfully reimagines the original with a deeper, updated sound that elegantly intertwines with Belle Humble's soulful vocals. This track sets the tone for an EP that doesn't just revisit the past but redefines it.

The addition of "Open our Eyes" introduces a fresh dimension, showcasing the dynamic range of Mood Therapy. Slade's expertise in production, evident in his work with Manchester's Drenched label, shines through, offering a seamless fusion of genres. Belle Humble, a platinum-selling songwriter, adds a layer of lyrical depth and emotive power to the tracks. Her voice, a familiar presence in club tracks, brings a sense of familiarity and warmth to the EP.

The EP's narrative is rooted in reflection and the contemplation of life's pivotal moments, encapsulated in the artist's quote: "If Only you had a chance to re-live one moment in your life to do something differently - which one would you choose?" This philosophical underpinning adds a layer of introspection to the music, inviting listeners to not only enjoy the rhythms but also ponder their own life's choices.

"If Only EP" is a commendable effort in bridging the gap between past and present, blending soulful house with modern breakbeats.


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