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REVIEW: HBW GUEST ROOM #04 presents Roman Smitarello

Actualizado: 3 mar 2022

“An Argentine conquering America”

Roman Smitarello, a DJ and producer from Argentina, has been making a name for himself in recent months with shows in Mexico and Costa Rica. He likes to play deep, melodic, progressive house because all the vibration and frequency of the sounds takes him and the audience from a warm start to a higher level realm. This set recorded exclusively for HBW is the essence of his vision of music. It is a unique work, which consolidates a sound full of cinematographic influences, until it finds a set that is a progression of chords that are like serotonin bombs, also a testimony of a complex era and society, which seeks redemption at all costs.

A continuous progression that leads the listener into meditation, a state of mind that is both relaxing and enveloping. Listening to this set, you can find yourself on one of the beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen no matter where you are.

The result of this set is a romantic ode to eclecticism, but that is where this unique DJ achieves his ultimate goal: to sound new without being it, to sound old without seeming so, masterfully alternating each genre and getting out of the labyrinth knowing that, whether been forwards or backwards, the trip has been worth it. Few producers know how to play their selection of tracks as well as he does, marking a set that questions the rules of the genre, building a timeless set, to which we will turn over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that manages to transcend all The expectations of dance music.

In such a complex and chaotic moment, this set becomes a place as wonderful as it is necessary.


Elias Dore - Ayasa (Original Mix)

Nobilis - Diffuse Sky (Gespona Remix)

DJ Zombi; Madraas- Today Will Never Be Again (Erdi Irmak Remix)

Madraas, Audiotones - Rumbler (Original Mix)

Marian (AR) - The Mistery Of The Waves

John Cosani - Crystal Brain

Armandhe - Tears of Happiness

M.O.S. - Paeonia (Extended Mix)

Armen Miran & Hraach - NowHere

Alex O'Rion - The Chase

Wassu, Bona Fide - Sila (David Orin Remix)

Evren Furtuna - Cupid

Sébastien Léger - Rocket To Lee's Little Cloud

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