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HEVI LEVI Shares ‘Moon’ EP

Following the remarkable international outpouring of love for his latest charity single and music video project Mad World, Israeli DJ, producer and label head HEVI LEVI now readies his second solo project of 2023, with the announcement of his brand new single Moon. The offering is joined by a string of remixes from 2BAnnounced, Amir Telem, Shiku, Ten Walls and TOMBOYZ. Alongside the fresh release, HEVI LEVI launches the pre-sale of his newly designed ‘Mad World’ T-shirts; an extension of his charitable single to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine

Due for worldwide release on March 24 via his burgeoning Tel Aviv-based imprint Joy Records, Moon marks the fourth and final release of HEVI LEVI’s No Landing Gear series, following the widespread positive response to the first three singles, No Landing Gear, Eris and Dysnomia, back in 2022. A veritable masterclass in modern, progressive techno courtesy of a producer at the very top of his game right now, HEVI LEVI’s intergalactic new offering exudes raw, energetic dynamism across its six-and-a-half-minute duration as he combines pulsating basslines, eerie synth leads and cutting-edge production techniques to deliver one of his finest creations to date.

Talking about the project, HEVI LEVI commented:

“Moon is one of my favourite tracks of 2023 and the fourth and the last from my 'No Landing Gear' series. It took me quite a while to find the exact sounds I wanted for it, and to synthesize each part, but I’m really pleased with the final product. I'm also happy I’ve had the chance to test it on many dancefloors and see how it really lifts the crowd.”

Accompanying the new single, HEVI LEVI’s band of remixers present five immersive edits on the stirring release, reimagining the cut through the lens of their respective sound palettes. Ten Walls steps up first, presenting an electronica-infused cut that’s brimming with spontaneous, melodic synth hits and crunchy snare timbres. On the flip, 2BAnnounced takes a more underground approach, celebrating techno-oriented drum patterns and old school rave synths.

Staying true to his progressive house roots, Amir Telem provides us with a deeply organic rework that shines a light on the original’s mesmeric vocal cut. The real magic begins at the break, when the edit’s key features weave through one another above an airy soundscape, setting us up for a heady apex moment. Fellow Tel Aviv-based artist Shiku joins the EP with another thrilling adaptation that’s flush with trademark psychedelic moments and digital warbles, and rounding out the collection, we’re treated to a gritty cut from up-and-comer TOMBOYZ who delivers on bass distortion and cosmic tones.

HEVI LEVI’s impressive cover of Tears for Fears’ iconic 1983 hit single Mad World enjoyed its official release in January, with all profits going to UNITED 24 – a global initiative collecting donations in support of Ukraine. Now expanding on the project’s impact, the Israeli artist and campaigner launches his debut fashion line TN1! with a series of ‘Mad World’ T-shirts. A fully sustainable collection featuring exclusive artwork by one of Holland’s best-known street artists, Labrie, the premium quality unisex items also include a QR code through which to stream and purchase the single and subsequent music video, with all proceeds going to the Ukrainian people. Presale:

HEVI LEVI – Moon EP is out now via Joy Records


1. HEVI LEVI – Moon (Original Mix)

2. HEVI LEVI – Moon (Ten Walls Remix)

3. HEVI LEVI – Moon (2BAnnounced Remix)

4. HEVI LEVI – Moon (Amir Telem Remix)

5. HEVI LEVI – Moon (Shiku Remix)

6. HEVI LEVI – Moon (TOMBOYZ Remix)


Title: Moon

Format: Digital

Release Date: March 24, 2023

Label: Joy Records


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