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HI-LO unveils 'CRESCENDO', his exhilarating return to Drumcode

The supreme HI-LO return to Drumcode to share another pair of exhilarating dancefloor gems.

The techno alias of Oliver Heldens has found a home at Drumcode, dropping ‘Hypnos’ and ‘WANNA GO BANG’ Eps in consecutive years, leading last year’s A-sides compilation with a stellar Layton Giordani collaboration ‘Rabbit Hole’, while lending his touch to Adam Beyer & DJ Rush’s ‘Restore My Soul’ as well. Meanwhile, he’s been a welcome fixture of Drumcode’s events at Miami WMC and The Warehouse Project.

His return to Beyer’s label is led by the mighty ‘CRESCENDO’. The cut begins as an irresistible roller, before gradually building into a throbbing peak-time composition, that’s marked by a haunting synth progression that reinforces HI-LO’s deft studio skill. “My aim was to craft something hypnotic, dark and trippy, while maintaining a melodic and groovy essence. Personally, ‘CRESCENDO’ is one of those tracks that I can play on an endless loop without getting tired of it. It has been exhilarating to witness the overwhelming response to the track in my HI-LO sets, and in Adam’s sets at Timewarp Germany and Brazil” he shares.

Its accompaniment is the stirring ‘OPEN YOUR MIND’, a production HI-LO says was inspired by the great DK8 classic ‘Murder Was the Bass’, with a foot in both techno, electro and breakbeat camps and led by a ripping hoover.

“After months of road testing and fine-tuning, I am beyond excited about the final result. I've had a blast playing this track not only in my HI-LO sets, but also in several ‘mainstage’ sets as Oliver Heldens. Also quoting Adam: ‘That groove is amazing! Super funky, gritty, uplifting - it's got it all!’, I couldn’t agree more with that!”

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