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Hoshina Anniversary

"I try to make good music for you or me or great musicians, that’s all"

Toyko’s Hoshina Anniversary has risen to particular prominence in recent years with his self-titled brand of ‘Watechno’. Stylistically fusing traditional Japanese instrumentation with Chicago and Detroit sensibilities, his works have found homes on Aliens Jams, YOUTH, Young Marco’s Safe Trip and Amsterdam-based MUSAR Recordings.

Hi Hoshina, Where can we find you right now? How did you start off your day?


I live in Hachioji, Tokyo.

I had a caffeine-free coffee & 86% percent cacao chocolate.

What have you been up to recently?

Making music.

Has the COVID19 pandemic affected you creatively?

Yes, I wish I could go to Europe for a gig or a live set.

So I feel all I can do is making tracks every day.

Can you please share with us how is the situation where you live (Tokyo, Japan)? and how it affect the local music industry?

Recently I’ve not been to Shibuya and around because of the COVID19, panademic so I can’t really tell you.

The local music industry seems like not being interested in me at all, so I don’t think anything about it.

I’m interested in my music and the music scene in Europe, America & Australia etc…

You have a new EP coming up on MUSAR under a new moniker, 'Shifting Gears - Evil EP', can you please share with us the idea behind this project ? What did you want to transmit with ‘Evil EP’? and why did you choose to release it under a new name?

Once I made mixtape called “Listening Sessions” for ESP Institute,

David (MUSAR) reached to me for some tracks in the mixtape so I sent him some tracks related to it.

Some of tracks were made 4 years ago and others were made 9 years ago.

I think David wanna transmit my “Jazz/Fusion” sound.

As Hoshina Anniversary, I’m interested to release tracks with Japanese traditional instruments or my Japanese roots, as the ‘Shifting Grears’ tracks not sounds as other Hoshina Anniversary material, I choose to release it under a new name.

You also released two albums this year, one on Alien Jams and last month on YOUTH, can you please tell us about these albums ?

I was so glad to release my album on Alien Jams because I know this label for a long time.

There was a lot of variety on this album, I played “Sagarifuji” lots of time.

I believe I made a pretty good album on YOUTH,

Tororo Soba is the best in my opinion in this album.

Both albums focused my Electronic side.

Your music is heavily combined Jazz and Japanese elements, are you playing any instruments ? Or do you sample these elements?

Yes, I can play Bass.

But I sample Japanese elements.

Can you please share with us your studio set-up ? And what is the hardware you feel most comfortable with?

I don’t use any hardwares, only iMac, that’s all.

How would you define your sound in 3 words?

Japanese, Jazz, Electronic

What are your current favourite music you would recommend us to listen to?

After all, “Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2” is one of the best.

Can you please share with us your thoughts about Tokyo’s nightlife ? From your favourite clubs to local artists and the crowd ?

I don’t think anything about it, I haven’t went to clubs in Tokyo for almost 2 years.

I feel like I don't even exist in the local club culture.

I try to make good music for you or me or great musicians, that’s all.

Do you have any recommendations for a Japanese producers you are inspired with ?

Some Foodman’s music is interesting.

There are a lot of record stores in Tokyo compare to other cities in the world, can you please share with us the reason why ? and what are your favourite record stores ?

Sorry, I don’t know the reason why.

I think Mediations must be a good record store.

If you need to choose one album would you recommend us to liven up being stuck at home?

Egberto Gismonti - Sonho 70

What are your future plans?

Make good music and release them on good record labels. SoundcloudFacebook | Instagram | Twitter


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