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Huebl releases his "Prdct 01"

Huebl's latest release on nine0nine, Prdct 01, is a compelling blend of techno's origins and late 90s anthems. With the inclusion of the Detroit Mix of "Lean On You" featuring Jahson the Scientist, Huebl channels the motor city's techno sound while adding his own Viennese flair. The Broken Mix of "Lean On You" takes a slightly different approach, with a more broken beat and atmospheric synths.

The shuffling grooves, droning basslines, and toasty synthbeds are consistent throughout the EP, creating a cohesive sound that is both groovy and authentic. Huebl's collaborations add a unique touch to the EP. Prdct 01 is a testament to Huebl's talent and creativity, and is a must-listen for techno enthusiasts.



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