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INTERVIEW: Alberto Melloni

Alberto Melloni is a uniquely inspired musician, who has made a name for himself through a handful of tasty songs.

His music is unclassifiable, but it has no rival. He closes his eyes and lets the sensations flow.

Hey, first of all congratulations on the release of "Matter Of Time" - she's an absolute diamond of an album that's sure to set off a dancefloor frenzy. How does it feel to unleash this nugget on the world?

Iʼm really excited for this release and i think we made the right team with Alex and the guys from Inflect to have this ep out to the world.

Could you tell us about the production process of the EP?

Actually it came really naturally...i had a couple of unfinished songs on my computer and one day i shared one of them with Alex...than he shared one of his project with me and thatʼs how it started...

How does it feel to have remixes from producers like Tulioxi?

Iʼm a big fan of Tulioxi...iʼved played his tracks during my sets countless times and iʼm really really glad to have him on board on this release...his remix for this release is pure gold!

Tell us about your studio setup and what gear you used to make "Matter Of Time".

“Matter of Time” is an example of what we can define “lockdown music”...iʼve been worked on this release during the lockdown period here in Italy been able to rely only on what i had in my the track “Matter of Time” you can hear my Elektron Digitone and my old Yamaha DX7 and in the final part of “Set You Free” thereʼs a catchy guitar riff made with my Fender Stratocaster which is the very first musical instrument that my parents gave me when i was a still hanging on my living room...

How to work on an album in a time as complicated as the one we are living in?

Quite hard...surely this situation influenced a lot the inspiration for make music but at the same time i think that music, make music or just listen music, is one of the greatest way to make all this situation more tolerable.

How has the situation been experienced in your city?

Iʼm from Rimini...Riccione to be exact...i live right in the beating heart of the italian club culture...most of the clubs are closed due to covid restriction and in the ones that are open you canʼt dance in order to keep the social distancing... for this and many other “all italian” contradictions about covid this summer has been really weird...

How do you experience the clubbing situation there? Are you hopeful that the music industry will take over the reins again?

In many european countries iʼm seeing some sings of iʼm pretty sure that weʼre coming back to a “normal” situation...unfortunately we are a little behind here in italy but i hope that the worst is over...

Could you tell us about present and future projects?

Iʼm constantly involved in making new music, iʼve some releases scheduled for this 2021 and some already planned for the early 2022 and letʼs see what will happen.


Alberto Melloni is an italian electro-disco producer, musician, dj and co-owner of Raibano Records. In the early days of his musical career, as guitarist and synths player, he stepped in to the stages through Italy and Europe with many different artists. Today, as dj and producer, Alberto carries on his solo project by producing new music somewhere between disco, italo, afro, techno and rock.

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