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Actualizado: 28 abr 2023

In recent years ALISHA has built a burgeoning reputation in the UK house music scene, originating from the humble UK city of Peterborough. A city which isn't commonly associated with house music talent but there is always an exception to the rule and the exception is ALISHA.

ALISHA has taken her time to craft her DJ skills to an impeccable level, while behind the scenes she locked herself away in the studio honing her production skills. ALISHA has been meticulous in her approach and this is reflected in the calibre of labels signing to Kaluki and Eastenderz with her hit EP titled Visions.

The inimitable talent has cultivated a reputation as a high-energy' shoulder shimmying' DJ. With a sound underpinned by sultry deep rumbling low-end basslines, driving grooves and stripped-back percussion.

This has culminated in a breakthrough 2022 for ALISHA with a heavyweight touring schedule throughout the summer playing at hallowed clubbing brands and institutions Amnesia for Jamie Jones’ Paradise, a Creamfields debut and a momentous b2b with underground purveyor East End Dubs at his Eastenderz party in London and a special show at Ibiza’s premier day party Ants, Ushuaia. If this wasn’t enough ALISHA has capped it off with a historic sold-out all-night-long set at Manchester’s Joshua Brooks. Plus shows with other major event brands including multiple Elrow plays around the world, BPM, Glastonbury, Parklife, and Warehouse Project to add to her ever-growing list.

Further fuel to ALISHA’s fire is the support from the elite tier of artists across house music Jamie Jones, East End Dubs, Archie Hamilton, Seb Zito and Toman. Along the way gaining the affections of BBC Radio 1 DJs Danny Howard, Pete Tong and Sarah Story including delivering a mini mix for dance music’s leading lady Annie Mac.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing ALISHA and this has been the result.

Thanks for chatting to us today. So, tell everyone how you would describe your music and sound?

Thank you for having me! I would like to describe my sound as energetic grooves. I love to keep the pace up with driving baselines with groovy drum patterns. My music I make I love using the low end bass sounds alongside some acid lines to thicken it up and create that underground growl feel to it.

What has been the biggest achievement for you musically since you started to DJ?

Last year being most definitely signing my EP to Eastenderz. 4 cuts that I was super happy with, and it gained me respect from some major artists in the industry. Present being of course signing to Hot Creations!

What did you do before producing and DJing?

I actually loved to play football and played on a Sunday whilst working for my full-time job which was in a restaurant! I loved it as I’m a super sociable person, so I was there for 5 years (as soon as I finished 6th form)

Can you remember your first time in a club or festival – tell us where and when…

Yes, my first festival was Creamfields. Me and all my pals went for 3 days camping. An amazing experience and we went 3 times after that. Great to be on the other side of the decks for Creamfields last year was like a full circle moment for me.

You have a new release ‘Changes’ on Hot Creations in April. Congrats! What’s the meaning behind this track?

Thank you. Means a lot to be a part of such an amazing label. When I first heard the vocal, I instantly connected with it so I wanted it to really take the lead when I was writing the beat. It really reminded me of the Paradise parties early hours of the morning on DC10 terrace. And it really did work out how I imagined it!

Jamie’s label is legendary, are you planning on playing Paradise again this summer? Where else can we find you playing?

I am indeed which is such an honour every time. So first of all playing the Paradise stage at Creamfields South in May. And then I’ll be at Amnesia for them this summer 4 times! Can’t wait.

As for your studio, what is it currently made up of?

I am all in the box. Just my monitors, interface, MacBook & sound proofing. Sometimes it's all you need. I’ve tried working with hardware but personally all in the MacBook works well for me. Don’t change what works!

What is the one thing you will never travel without?

My straighteners ha! I can’t go anywhere without them. Can’t be having frizzy hair on the road now can we!

What was the last record store you visited? And what did you buy from there?

Phonica Records in London. I brought my own vinyl ‘Visions - Eastenderz’ It was my first vinyl release and even though I had a batch at home I just always wanted that feeling of going into a record shop & buying my own.

Finally, can you reveal some future projects?

I like to keep things close to my chest, but let’s just say a lot more music will be coming your way!

Alisha’s EP ‘Changes’ is out on Hot Creations on the 28th April and comes with a remix from Mike Dunn.


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