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INTERVIEW: Analytic Records

Analytic Records will respect the experience and commitment of the artists who have dedicated much of their lives to building the scene as we know it today. We will also be welcoming new talent. The door is open for everyone at Analytic Records. When we believe that a producer is delivering music of the highest quality, an individual's status within the scene will not matter, as long as their public profile displays the same commensurate label values. Passion and commitment mean more to us than popularity and click bait politics.

We have absolutely no desire to pigeonhole any particular genre or subgenre. We invite demonstrations based on the elements that give the scene the basis to grow, house and techno. We welcome everything that is well produced, when the sound of the chords resembles the roots of house music.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with them and this has been the result.

How was the label born? “Launching a label is something we’ve been talking about for a number of years, but never really found the opportunity to sitting down and dedicate the time which is needed to organise things properly. In March 2020 that opportunity Presented itself with the announcement of lockdown. So I guess you could say, we turned a bad situation into something positive”.. What are you trying to convey with the label? “ our main objective is to develop a label that has a foundation to grow into a brand. A label that showcases the very best in rising talent within the underground scene, giving them the opportunity to have their name releasing music along side some of the legendary figures which help create the scene we have today. In all we want to have a label that artists of all levels are proud to be involved with, no matter what your status is or what stage of your career you’re at”… What is your stamp selection criteria? “First and foremost we don’t want to pigeonhole the label into one particular genre. We’re open minded and welcome anything that falls under the underground umbrella. Quality in production is valued greater than style or image. This is a trend that people will recognise the more music we release”… What can you tell us about the artists that participate in the label? “Every artist we’ve reached out to and have agreed to come onboard. Have either been someone we enjoyed listening to and respected over the years, or they’re someone we’ve been impressed by in term of their productions as they work on building a career”.. What projects are you working on? “We’re currently looking at Hosting a number of club nights in various locations this summer. Which will help push the Analytic Records name to a larger number of people. Which will no doubt give the artists involved an opportunity to showcase their sound and help us grow together”.. What can the latest version tell us? “Our first release Rubber stamps our overall outlook. 3 very different cuts of the same track. Where we present one of the best rising talents in Mica Uk along side a legendary name and fabric resistant in Terry Francis. A trend that will continue in the future”.. What makes you happy? “Connecting with like minded people”.. What makes you sad?



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